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Plant Development

Tubular Running and Rental Services timeline below:

  • Birth


    On March 25th 2008, Tubular Running and Rental Services was born in Colombia, a company provider of tubular running services.

  • Technological Modifications


    A couple of years must passed to evidence the effort and dedication of a great Mechanical Engineer, who had the purpose to rewrite the history of these type of services. He started by performing some technological modifications to the equipment that is used for running casing using conventional and rotational methods, which slowly brings an added value to sell his business idea.

  • Expansion


    All the different crisis in the oil and gas industry like the year 2,014, were not an obstacle to stop his vision of progress and expansion of a small company dedicated to provide casing running services to convert it into the best company in terms of safety and quality systems in these types of services. Hence, he continued with his idea of ​​expansion in the countries of South America, and nowadays, he has branches in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, The United States of America, and Hong Kong. Furthermore, the acknowledgment of his work at both national and international level of the Colombian Industry, being able to adapt himself to the circumstances to keep growing despite the difficulties.

  • Strategic Alliances


    The business vision of this Engineer made people and companies in Bolivia and Ecuador put their trust on his ideas, accepting the creation of strategic alliances where funds, equipment and experience were provided for the development of the business in these territories. Nowadays, These business partners are satisfied with the decision made, since they are part of a company with a wide international projection that day by day is expanding with the ultimate goal of becoming the best, and more recognized company in the provision of casing running services with rotational and conventional equipment, achieving a high degree of competitivity and global innovation

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